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Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : First Casino Experience

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  • Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : First Casino Experience

    I really don't have anything to compare them to, as I have never been to a Casino until this one. Overall, it wasn't bad if you are in the mood to blow money. I found that there wasn't much of a payout on anything. Food at the buffet was mediocre, not much of a selection when we were there, especially for the price. No drinks were complimentary, no matter how much you were playing and spending in there. The drink prices were average though, but not very good. Reminded me of the the cheap drinks you get in a plastic cup at a night club. I didn't have much interaction with the staff, but when I did, they seemed like they were programmed robots or something. We didn't stay in the Hotel, so I have nothing to comment on that. It was a large casino with lots of variety if you like slots, but I got tired of playing slots pretty quickly. I have more fun playing games for tickets with my kids at chucky cheese. I would have enjoyed it more if I thought there was a chance of hitting something, anything...

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