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Riverwind Casino: Greedy, Arrogant, and Stingy Casino - Pass them on

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  • Riverwind Casino: Greedy, Arrogant, and Stingy Casino - Pass them on

    Where to start? My advice would be somewhere else folks. Riverwind, or Neverwin, as many people call it is one big rip-off!!! You will lose big. There are occasional winners I've watched come out of there... 98% of the time you will lose. 28 times in a row I tried to win there... 26 of those trips I never won a penny and the huge majority of spins were nothing at all... not even a nickel win on a spin.... just over and over, spin after spin, the reels payed nothing! That is pitiful! If you lose long enough, you'll eventually hit a bonus round, which will also pay nothing for your effort. Slot machines that have a bonus feature should pay when you hit the bonus, after all you are paying more per spin for the bonus feature to be activated... but no, when you hit a bonus round after spending perhaps $50, you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a big $1.85 or maybe even $2.50. This happens over and over... they are not going to payout, not now not ever folks... They have even added a sign to all their doors which is absolutely arrogant and it reads like this.... This is the self-governed Chickasaw Nation... Unconquered and Unconquerable Poor taste to post that all over the place.... leave that kinda sign for your indian powwow clubhouse. The little short blond haired host fella is an absolute arrogant ass.... They will tell you they are the #1 casino in Oklahoma 4 years running..... errrrm NO they are not.... they are the most complained about though. They are the greediest group in Oklahoma, and to watch the seniors on Wednesday is sad and depressing.... they never win a thing and you can see the looks on their faces, and some of those old folks are on fixed budgets and get robbed of them every Wednesday at Neverwin..... Just stay away people, not worth the time you'll spend in there losing... go spend your entertainment dollars somewhere else.... Oklahoma has many nice attractions that aren't greedy Indian Casinos....

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