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Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls: THIEF RIVER MADNESS needs a face-lift?

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  • Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls: THIEF RIVER MADNESS needs a face-lift?

    As i mentioned before, each casino has its pros and cons! thief river 7 clans is not however excluded from the list! I spend many days and hours here because as a VIP top player i make each dollar i spend here count... so let's start with slotsSLOTS- the slot machines here are hit and miss.. they have so so variety and around 90% of the slots are several yrs older.. they do have some new games.. and im not completely sure but when people talk about the slot payouts being tight .. this place does tend to be very tight... but i do have a theory.. on one of my reviews.. i mention that no matter where you go as far as casinos are concerned each machine has about the same payout .. the only difference is that 7 clans Thief river has a constant even flow of traffic .. so it is harder to win on slots only because the machines are played constantly .. the casino has a diverse group of players including the 20k of military personal stationed in grand forks Air Force base that come there on a regular basis! i have won alot here but not as much as i have spent ... i am also a top VIP player here CODE "D" as soon as you meet the criteria.. they do send out mailings every month i receive 100 dollars in the mail... or i could have a choice of the 100 dollars or stay two nights and be given 75 dollars each night in either slot or table game money!! the other mailing is that they gave me since may is my birthday they offered me a free meal and an extra ten dollar in gaming money .. for the month of april, may, june they sent me a mailing for their spring fling .. which is i could stay however many nights i want at least 2 nights!! and they gave me 75 dollars if i manage to acquire 50pts during that day .. i would receive another $75 in game money!! now this is gaming money meaning if you like slots they will issue you paper slips like that of when the slot machine prints out your ticket and the denomination... these tickets however are different you cant just put it in the machine without playing it and pushing the cash out button to redeem the money you have to play thru that specific amount!! if you win over lets say $25 comp slip you put in and won a jack pot of $100 and you click the cashout button only 75 dollars will be returned to you as you must play all of the $25 first!! out of all the casinos i go to this one has the highest payout in the mailing and players club deal!! you can use your coupons anytime of the month and its not restricted unlike some others where they only allow you to spend $50 at a time on certain days like 1-15 of the month for $50 and 16th-31st for another $50 .. they recently remodeled their gaming floor adding new machines and reorganizing the machines and table game placement on the floor.. they have added some new games like the king kong game which i believe is one of those games where its connected to several other king kong games around the country so you can win that progressive jackpot! I tend to not play these games because i feel that the odds of winning are very slim! as again with my theory of the more its played the harder to win the payouts... now lets go on to table games... They have blackjack which is open from 11am till 1-3am depending on what day.. they only have 1 table open till 5 pm where the limit is $3-$50 and then the minimum is raised at 5pm to $5-$100.. now if you were playing at the table from the beginning of the day you are grand fathered in and allowed to keep playing 3 dollars throughout the rest of the day provided that if you leave for longer than 10-15min or a whole shoe you will be bumped up to 5$ minimum... they also have pai gow poker .. which is confusing to me.. but they have it.. with a minimum bet of $3-$50 .. there are no craps, or roulette here sorry! they do have poker and blackjack tournaments from time to time.. blackjack tournaments are usually on thursdays and fridays.. .. where you sit at a certain table with the max amount of players.. whoever at the end has the most chips advances to win the jackpot of $125-$225 depending on how many players! the only problem i have with the blackjack tournaments is that .. like poker the dealer has a button and whoever gets the button is dealt first so the cards are always moving at a constant motion.. so it's hard to predict what cards your getting next!! the customer service is ok... like i mentioned about they offer up to $150 in gaming cash to play every month!! and the amount of days you can stay as a vip player and high roller is basically however long you want! the food at the buffet is limited as compared to other casinos.. the snack bar which is modeled after a 50's diner look runs slow.. even when the line is slow expect to get your order in 30min ... each time i have ordered they never fail on taking their slow ass time back there!! but again how can i complain when the meal is free? since this casino is one of the first the 7 clans have opened up.. it is very old and quite rundown.. it needs a desperate makeover .. because at every angle from the slot machines, to the rugs, to the walls, to the table games .. everything is starting to look worn out!! it seems as if they could care less about appearances and more hungry to take your money.. i don't know about you but i'd like to think that if i lose money at a casino i feel like i'm helping by at least covering the light bulbs!! or being responsible for replacing that part of the rug that's worn out... now as far as aesthetics go.. this place has a low 1 out of 10 rating... for me the gaming floor is dirty and the employees are very. how can i say this. very intimidating.. kind of feels like i'm at a state prison gambling.. but don't get me wrong that is just a first impression... some of the staff are very kind and helpful.. i'm just saying the first impressions you get are just that ... now let's move on to the waterpark.. this has got to have the best indoor water park in the northern region.. it has a treasure trove of fun in the water park.. i'm not completely sure on the square footage but it's huge!! if you have ever been tubing, meaning floating along a river in an inner tube, just kicking back 7 clans thief river has a large man made river that circles the pool and waterslide where you can just float around and around for hours.. it has several slides in its center and usually very packed during peak hours!!! the kids will definitely love it!!! i give the waterpark 8 out of 10! all in all the players club comps are high here.. but only good enough to make you come back only once a month! the place needs a serious overhaul i think instead of spending soo much on opening the new 7 clans in red lake .. they should have used a sizable chunk on giving thief river a face-lift... and re-inforcing the quality of its hotel and someone needs to get on the butt's of each employee and make sure that they are not standing around.. and always dress sharp!! overall this casino gets 6 out of10

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