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Comanche Red River Casino: Enjoyed the time I went

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  • Comanche Red River Casino: Enjoyed the time I went

    I went to this casino after losing at Kiowa a couple of times...slots seem to pay alot better and more frequently...however i usually sit and play at one slot until my alotted money is this casino if the machine wasn't paying after $20 was put in, I moved on..the first machine I lost, moved on to the next, I won $396.00, I played more until that machine said $360, I cashed out and tried a few more, putting between $5 or $10 in each one before moving on, about 5-6 times of doing that..I started to slowly win again..$20 became $40 and so on in one machine, and when I felt that machine wouldn't pay anymore I moved on, I got really lucky on one and ended up winning about $400 off of one machine, I kept playing that particular machine and the $400 soon turned into $1200, I played it down to $950 and decided it was time to leave...I cashed out and was on my way out the door and decided to try $60 into one more machine and I hit $500, tried another machine put $60 and won $500 this point I played about 2-3 hours more using the same method as above but didn't win nearly as to the post who said they need to put more money into a renovation to compete with Kiowa.....I disagree I would much rather go to a casino that is run down and win at least what I put into it or more, rather than going to a casino that has great renovations and lose every time I go...also customer staff were bar none......

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