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    I played 2-4 live poker last Saturday night and found the poker room very comfortable and the competition about average. When I started there were some below average players who added to the pots, but by the time I quit, around 2AM, the player's were all pretty tight. I lost.
    We could have played a 3-6 game and I will next time. My nephew was not well bankrolled so I stayed at the lower limit.
    Drinks were free as long as you did not want top shelf. I was not satisfied with the draft beer or the marguerita, so I had some amaretto and liked that.
    I played with my nephew and he took away about $70 much of it on hands where he pushed me off what would have been the nuts. Very funny night.
    At one point I looked down and there was an expensive diamond ring on the floor. I held it up to the dealer and it turned out to belong to the Italian fellow playing next to me. His wife was there shaking her head. He had had the ring for 50 years and would certainly not have seen it on the floor even if he remembered to look.
    Afterwards we played a 7-5 Bonus Poker game with a $1600 progressive royal, but it did not give me anything. Again my nephew hit quads and ended up about $50. It was a good night for him.
    Using the GPS at 3AM we ended up winding through some rather tough neighborhoods with lots of young folks in the streets. Perhaps my nephew had it set for shortest distance rather than quickest routes, but if you go, I'd stick to the major expressways. I had a hotel room in Lockport as my destination.
    I liked the casino, but did not walk around so I can't comment much. The parking was outside and crowded, but easy enough. A fellow approached us in the parking lot and told us he could not seem to get the steering wheel to unlock so he could start his car. He asked us to try. Rather an odd request of strangers at 3 Am, but my nephew had the right wiggle and started it right up. The fellow was delighted.
    I shopped for used cards. They had them in red and blue and not in the yellow we had played with. They were drilled, but there was also a black mark on one end and my experience is that at least one card will have a touch of that black on the back so I did not bring any home with me. When we play home games we like to give each players a different deck and so speed up the game as there is no passing of decks and plenty of time for shuffling. So I am always on the lookout for usable, cheap, different backed playing cards that are good quality. Black marks make them unusable.