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Sycuan Resort & Casino: Well, iit is nice to have a little fun

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  • Sycuan Resort & Casino: Well, iit is nice to have a little fun

    Well sycuan is one of those casinos that if you don´t want to drive so far and you have nothing better to is ok...the slots machine are tight in my opinion and almost always there are people in the good ones.....even during the week sometimes.It used to be a nice casino at the beginning. Actually, my first time in Sycuan i won $50 in just a couple of minutes in a 1-cent machine with 20 lines 1 ....never...I don´t know why but I feel the same thing in some casinos in San Diego....they start right a couple of years.....they finished tighter...or at least right now....The people that I see winning in Sycuan are the people that are playing $1 dollar machines....(3 dollars per pull max bet)......well, that´s what i have seen in my last few times....So, it's a nice Casino to be playing at for a little while, go to eat something at the snack/coffee shop, walk around, go for a free drink, play a little bit more....walk around etc...just to have a little fun.....I remember that they don´t sell alcohol or beer...are they now?by the way, the "day soup" on the coffee shop is is not expensive at 2 or 3 $....something like that....

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