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    Where do I begin? the food! Lousy - the best things are the wings and ice cream! I went to the buffet and got sick, went to the Diamond lounge and got really now I just eat at Mickey D's down the road before I gamble.If you go before 2pm be ready to swerve to avoid the canes and wheelchairs...senior citizen city! And they feel as if you the player owe them something. An older lady argued with me over a cashman machine. She claimed she put her check in it and i owed her at least 100 bucks. I hated to call security on her.. In the evening I see a good deal of young gamblers so it's good.Customer service isn't that great the ladies at the Rewards Center always like to talk and make the customers wait until they're done. The only positives are the cocktail waitresses, nice eye candy and always ask if you need anything.Diamond club needs much improvement with food and environment. They act as if it's special and exciting>>>>>NOTI'll just drive to AC from now on... because these slots are just as tight as it can get. I put $300 in a machine and got 40 bucks on the bonus.

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