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Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: STAY AWAY !!!

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  • Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: STAY AWAY !!!

    The slot machines are controlled by computers located in the closets that feed info to a main bank of computers in Albany New York. They are geared for you to lose. The place should be taken over by the FEDS. There are rare payouts but most of all the people playing slots will lose and many lose big time because the payouts are paltry. The strategy is as follows. You put $10 or $20 in the slot machine. As you win in the first 10 pulls, there is noise from the slot machine that is paying you off. The problem is that if you bet let's say $3, the slot pays you off $1.50. You think you are winning but you're actually losing.You bet $5 bucks and again the sound of winning comes from the slot machine. Only problem though is you won $3, so you actually lost $2. ETC,ETC,ETC..........This is not at all like Atlantic City. This is only one casino so no alcohol drinks are free. The only promo is $5 credit when you join Empire Promotions. Many people I spoke with have continually lost money. Their casino consists of only slot machines and they are all programmed by computer. Payoffs are extremely rare. So rare that you could find a diamond walking down the street before you ever get a decent payoff.The odds are in the house favor. If you like or love losing money you should go here. If you want better odds go to Atlantic City on a weekday.

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