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WinStar World Casino: I was happy

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  • WinStar World Casino: I was happy

    I really did not want to go here, but i did. I am used to las veags, but even in vegas lately it has cost a lot to play, and i wone very little (at slots). Living in Louisiana i often play at lake charles and shreveport. After my trip to Shreveport last month I had decided to stop going till I could go back to vegas. It was just no fun anymore. However, my wife had a birthday and I am now in dallas, so i thought i would take the 90 minute drive. We arrived at 9:30 Friday night. The place was packed (they had a concert that night), but thankfully most left soon. We played 12 hours, i never spent all of the $100 I took, but the main thing IT was FUN..reminded me of the good old days. You see it is fun for me even when others are winning, and many were getting hand paid by the staff. I haven't seen that in months. After 12 hours we were up to $500. We played all denominations, but both tired and hungry we left. Not only do i recommend this place. I am planning my next trip.. Downsides? Some dollars don't work in a few machines. I guess you need to take some $5's with you? And some of my tickets misprinted i had to go to the cashier. not a lot to eat there. you can get your own coffee/cokes,. I did see one drink girl I AM VERY HAPPY

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    Re: WinStar World Casino: I was happy

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