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Black Bear Casino & Hotel: "Up North"

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  • Black Bear Casino & Hotel: "Up North"

    I love this place and can't wait to go back. Top notch golf. Good food and very affordable pricing. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flash relax and enjoy. You're up north. The room was your average Vegas style room very clean and well kept. Great view of the north woods, The casino has very good ventilation not smoke filled, but you pay the price because those floor vents can be cold. I found myself looking for machines not on top of them, and that's not easy. Staff? Some great, some no so, but good outweigh the bad. Playing was the fun you go for, let's just say I did not have to hit the ATM during my 3 days. However, I did not walk out the big winner either. If you are planing to go to Duluth check with MNDOT, or road construction can ruin your vacation. Overall, it was a fun filled 3 day trip "up North"

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    Re: Black Bear Casino & Hotel: "Up North"

    I was there some time ago. I went to security and asked if I could leave my Motorhome overnight while I took care of some stuff in Duluth. "No problem, leave it for a week if you want and we will watch iot for you." Very nice.