What a joke the Meadows is - I mean, the dealers are absolutely horrendous. I'm not sure what kind of testing or training these guys went through, but my 8 year old can count to 21 with fewer mistakes than these guys. They are constantly making mistakes, taking your money when they aren't supposed to, and dealing at a snail's pace. I know they are new, but even the one's in West Virginia weren't this bad when they started. And the supervisor's and pit bosses are the bigger joke, most of them have no idea what the rules of the game are. I saw a few of them just start dealing a few months ago in West Virginia and now they are supervisors here, and they have no idea how to fix mistakes or how to handle a customer. So the dealer messes up, then they call over a supervisor who doesn't know how to enforce the rules and gives you attitude on top of it, and its no wonder you hear nothing but negative comments when you talk to other players. I don't care how close this place is, you are better off driving to AC when you want to gamble, at least you can play blackjack or craps without having to teach the dealer as you play!!

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