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Charles Town Races & Slots: Great tables environment for REAL gamblers

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: Great tables environment for REAL gamblers

    I visited Hollywood Charles Town for the first time in several years this weekend, and I must say that the upgrades are spectacular. The place looks amazing, top notch, just like high end joints you'd walk through in Vegas or AC. My wife lost on the slots, but she said they had a pretty good selection. I played the tables, and I wanted to point out that it was a great atmosphere for table games! The place was packed, all the tables were filled, and the limits were high, as they should be, which keeps away the riff-raff and the $5 fleas. Nothing is worse that trying to make some money at a blackjack table, and then some $5 or $10 moron jumps in and plays like an idiot and ruins the table for the real gamblers. This is the closest I've had to playing at Vegas strip properties - everyone was betting at least $25 or $50, they were making the right plays, and the whole table was winning, and we didn't have to worry about some lowlife jumping in to win 10 bucks. All you "locals" complaining on here, I'll give you a few red chips so that you can go play your penny slots at 3 cents per spin. But here's hoping Hollywood keeps the tables up at decent levels where the real players can gamble and fleas don't interfere.

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