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Casino Queen: Don't like the BJ games

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  • Casino Queen: Don't like the BJ games

    I played table games at Casino Queen (East St Louis, Il) often until I discovered that in Blackjack (BJ) they had a procedure that allowed their casino to possibly cheat the unsuspecting/unobservant BJ player. I also was told that this was a practice of at least 4 and maybe 5 of the 9 casinos in Illinois by a gaming board representative. The gaming board of Illinois, the casino internal control system, and the on-site gaming agent "indicate" that this was a practice that had been going on for 16 years, and gaming board had not noticed or not wanted to notice this practice. After my filing a formal complaint, that the casino advertises paying 3:2 on all blackjacks, but in real play had an exception when you place a .50 bet on top of your bet, after my complaint they did CHANGED the practice. My opinion is, if they cheat a little, then how many other cheats do they practice on players now or will in the future with the Illinois gaming commission turning a blind eye? I want to see if this review stays here. Thank you for reading and remembering this warning. Not wanting to be anonymous my code name is halliberri which will be removed (known widely at the Casino Queen and other casinos). Within the year that the above incident happened and after being advised (after not playing there for 9 months) to return to the BJ tables and closely observe to see if other infractions happens that assaulted the integrity of the BJ game at CQ Casino. While playing the red deck at a Blackjack table ($5/$10 and) after the shoe was completed, a BLUE card was suddenly noticed by the dealer. She called the floor personnel and of course they believed that it was no big deal. DUH!. If they could prove that one of the players or dealer had put that "ONE CARD" in the deck, compromising the blackjack play, it would have been a HUGE deal and someone would have possibly been arrested. The casino personnel just put the blue card in the blue deck and continued the play. As far as I know, they did not count the cards, stop the game, or care that those players at the table had been affected adversely by this blunder/cheat.Other than to continue to place reviews such as this on as many casino forums as possible, to get someone to at least know that something is seriously WRONG at Casino Queen BJ tables, I just don't know who to contact. In my opinion the gaming commission and casino act deaf and dumb to these issues.

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