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Tulalip Casino: Beautiful Casino with HORRIBLE service

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  • Tulalip Casino: Beautiful Casino with HORRIBLE service

    I made reservations at the hotel last month because a colleague of mine had mentioned she had enjoyed playing here. I also heard there was a outlet mall nearby, so my husband and I went to check the Casino out. Clean casino, nice rooms for the price, but service is HORRIBLE! Some of the staff they hire seem to be young and don't really know how to provide the best service to their patrons. I had lost a cellphone when I had stayed to play and when I went to security to ask for assistance, not only did they leave their post and NEVER return, but it happened with two different security staff. I am under the impression that most that work there care very little about their patrons. I've observed many workers who look very unhappy to be there. Especially at the card tables. Employees are very quiet, make little to no eye contact, and when prompted for conversation, usually didn't respond. Not very friendly at all.The casino is also very smoky. I would appreciate it very much if this casino took the time to filter out the smoke-filled air. Otherwise I would play longer. I don't like how I smell after sitting at a slot machine for an hour. The hotel and outlet mall appear to be the saving grace for this "resort." It's the only reason I would return. Primarily to go shopping. The hotel is good, but after walking around the casino and seeing what it has to offer, I don't think I will be coming back.

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