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Tulalip Casino: Player Beware

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  • Tulalip Casino: Player Beware

    Player BEWARE!!!! If you've got open Hardways bets pending after the point is made, they pretend they don't hear you call it off, if you do ask for confirmation they won't respond, and more importantly, if a Hardways does hit before the point is made you’re not going to get paid either!!!! They say you called it off!!!!!! If you're winning, they'll usually find something wrong with your throw, or maybe the Stick Man or other employee will purposely cause friction with someone at the table with the intent of changing the momentum - I've even seen the Stick Man go so far as to aggressively start whacking his stick against the table. I’ve also experienced the employees parroting back my wager to me and insisting that I restate my wager word for word instead of easily responding with a simple yes or no. The craps employees also frequently under pay or when it’s busy, not bother to pay you at all – and then reluctantly paying you after the fact. So much for the sweet little casino ads / commercials that are on TV showing couples having so much fun and employees that are being so me, it's a pile of horse manure

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