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Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel: experienced craps player

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  • Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel: experienced craps player

    EXPERIENCED CRAPS PLAYER HEREWhen I arrived and found out their craps rules I was pleasantly surprised. If a player does not like what comes up on the first roll (other than 7/11 2/3) he can take his money off the table. Thats a tremendous player advantage and I had never played under rules that were that benefical to the player. There were not many players on the days I was there. Perhaps 4 including me. Most everyone was betting 5 or 10. I was betting 50. I lost $1000 in roughly a half hour. That has never happened to me at that speed ever in the 5 years I have been playing craps. I was playing safe and playing the donts and always removed my bet if 6/8 came up and always took full odds if 4/10/5/9 came up. Either I had a very unlucky day or the game is rigged. I'll let u decide which.Regards

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