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Yakama Nation Legends Casino: Been Here To Many Times

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  • Yakama Nation Legends Casino: Been Here To Many Times

    I have lost thousands of dollars at Legends Casino. The people that work there are very unfriendly. The place is very smoky. The reason I go there is because I'm addicted to gambling, thanks to Maripex. That's a med for restless leg syndrome. I will say one thing, I used to think Legends was probably one of the worst as far as winning goes. Now that I've been to lots of them across the USA. Legends doesn't seem to be quite as bad, because they're all bad. I think the economy has had a lot to do with it!! Plus that's why they call it GAMBLING!!! lol Also their non smoking area is way too small. It might be non smoking but it's sure warm and stuffy. The food is fine. Thursday night is real good, because they have a crab buffet. You probably wonder why I go there?? because it's much closer then any of the others for me.

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