Well we have been going to this casino regularly for almost 3 years. As we are both diamond members we brought money home only a couple of times. WOW ok so we get to eat 1 meal per day free of not the best food in the world and they will give us a room if we beg but not on the weekend we get 3 five dollar coupons to use each month and we are just now smart enough to get online and find out that this casino has no laws on payout percentages and can do whatever they want so that explains why one minute the machines might be playing good and then they just stop all together. Not even a small return. Shame on us lol. If you go here don't expect to win a dime. Take what you plan to lose and be done when your playing money runs out. Don't go get more because you will just lose it, also they really could treat players better than that but they just don't care.

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