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Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: Slot players beware...

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  • Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: Slot players beware...

    I used to play the Clearwater and the Fife EQC quite a bit. I noticed that both casinos had very tight slots, and that there is a direct correlation between what construction project has to be paid for and the number of staff working inside a mostly empty casino. So I headed over to the EQC I-5, noting its dingy atmosphere and lack of staff (except for the HUGE security detachment--which is truly necessary at this casino). For a while, the machines were paying out better than most in the area, especially at the right times of the day or night. So at least you had a shot at breaking even, and with the 25.00 food comp for two hours play, made for a decent gaming experience. Since early December 2010, I have noticed a real tightening up on the machines, and it may have a lot to do with the "new" non smoking section renovation. BTW, don't bother with it. It's mostly obsolete machines in a smoke free extension of the same massive gaming hall we've all grown accustomed to walking in endlessly looking for a machine that takes less than 40.00/hour on quarter bets. I've seen a lot more of the signs of a tight casino lately--such as people nodding their heads in disgust with the "bonus" that paid for about 1/4 of the trouble it took to get it. I know EQC wasn't designed as an ATM machine for the non-tribal masses, but guys--lighten up--you'll get it all back anyway.

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