Table Mountain used to be a good casino. Now it's just a total ripoff. When i started going there in the mid 1990s I would win anywhere from four to seven taxable jackpots a year (one year i won over $17,000 in total taxables). Now I'm down to about one taxable a year there--and I'm going to lose my Platinum card status because I just can't justify losing tons of money to win just one taxable a year. Makes no sense. And the machines are rigged to reward the minimum bet players when it comes to getting bonus rounds. I played tonight (Jan. 2, 2011) for hours and wound up losing at times $100 to $200 at one machine without getting a single bonus round whereas the person next to me played just the minimum 50 cents bet and wound up winning the minor jackpot (that starts at $100) twice. It's just terrible--I hope the new Gov. Jerry Brown forces the Indian casinos to pay out more in winnings to the players and especially reward the larger bettors since they're taking the greatest risks. No matter what happens, I do know that God will get final justice for those of us who honestly bet good money only to see us get taken by tribal people who have no soul.

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