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  • The Meadows: the best local casino

    I think the Meadows had a few rough months through 2010 & have had SEVERAL complaints, however, I personally think they've taken notice of those and are trying to change things a bit. I was invited to a round table discussion concerning the casino with several other people & all aspects of the casino were discussed...good & bad. Almost every complaint that I heard, concerning comps, food, drinks, multiplier points & more, have been addressed (according to the monthly calender mail I received). So I at least give them credit for LISTENING to their customers!Whether slots are loose or tight, I believe, depends on the person playing. I DO agree that if you're gambling several hundred or thousand(s) of dollars, you do expect to at least win a little...enough to keep you playing a while. You do not expect to load a machine with that much money and not hit something once in a while...not necessarily the jackpot, but enough to keep you going. The last 2 of 3 times I went through late Dec/Jan, I have hit jackpots. Of course I think that's wonderful, but the guy next to me who lost, had a bad experience! I only play in the high roller room, so this is where my experience is. I don't play smaller machines (less money) and I don't play table games... I only rated tables because I had to. There is no hotel associated with the Meadows, so that's why the rating on it...again I had to.Meadows is the place I gamble far the better place to go in these parts. West Virginia casinos are a JOKE...they're rundown & do not hit AT ALL. Again, MY experience through the years. The Rivers was horrible, but I think is coming around as of the last couple months. I much prefer the "feel" of the Meadows, over the Rivers though.The hosts at the Meadows are, by far, the best I've encountered at ANY casino. I am almost always offered free drinks/food. And, again, when I had complaints, they were heard & dealt with.The slot attendants are friendly & helpful. The one complaint I would say I have is the waitresses...there simply isn't enough of them all the time. They're friendly enough, but at times I've waited a very long time without seeing one.All in all, I believe the Meadows is the best place to go if you want a chance to win.

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