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Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: slot winnings

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  • Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: slot winnings

    I, along with a lot of my friends in the Tacoma, WA area, used to enjoy coming here to play the slots due to it being close, the servers/cashiers/restaurants were friendly. Not all the time but a lot we used to break even or win something, or as we know that it is our choice and the chance we take when we frequent this establishment we would go home broke. Since about Aug 2010 until now Jan 2011, we have noticed that there has been a MAJOR decrease in the winnings and patrons. I don't mean only big winnings but also no winnings at all. As I stated before it is our choice and and the risk of a win/loss but there is no enjoyment there any more, and I have noticed the decrease of customers coming to this establishment as they have indicated that they would rather go where they can win sometime. Also, have noticed that the servers/cashiers are not so friendly anymore, thy stand around behind you and watch you play, food quality/quantity isn't as much ( know economy), but we spend a lot, and I do mean a lot of money. Therefore, we think that in order to keep customers coming back you should loosen the slot machines and pay out more. Believe us you will come out in the end to pay for all the establishment, etc. Please we do love this place but don't want to lose all our money all the time as we have been doing. We are also hard working people and enjoy our entertainment, whether it be staying at home or going to a casino that we can enjoy.

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