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Spirit Mountain Casino-Oregon: My favorite Oregon casino

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  • Spirit Mountain Casino-Oregon: My favorite Oregon casino

    This is my favorite Oregon casino. The new Cedar Plank buffet is wonderful with lots of choices of salads, international foods, and desserts. It's a real bargain for the price, and even better on a coupon day. Seafood night is slightly more expensive, so we tend to eat a late lunch because of the cost difference followed by a light cafe dinner if we aren't too full from lunch or if we play late.Comps are not huge but I have used my points for cash (available on certain days), and for free or reduced cost buffet. Using my club card gets me on the mailing list, which is always good for free cash, free gifts, reduced hotel rates, and free meals. Points will expire if not used in a year.This month I booked a deluxe room for $16 using a free standard room coupon with a $16 upgrade to a deluxe room. Weekdays are cheaper than weekends, and the hotel fills up quickly on nights they have a concert. I book my rooms a few weeks before I go and never have a problem. I like the new decor and even though it's dark, it's tasteful and much better than the old rooms. I have also stayed in a Jr Suite - definitely recommended if you can afford it. The beds and sheets were so comfortable and soft I woke up totally refreshed. I don't look out the window all day so the view doesn't bother me. I was there during the construction phase and because the hotel is a half moon shape it was hard to ignore the noise but I don't know that it could be helped. At least it was during daylight hours. I strictly play slots because I love the entertainment. My wins vary as with any casino, but I play for a long time and it's entertainment. During my playing sessions I've hit several jackpots, won large amounts and gone home with more than I came. It all depends on the session and when I decide to quit. I play all denominations from pennies to one dollar - not usually more due to my small bank roll. My husband has hit three jackpots over $1,000 in the past year all on penny slots. My advice is to go for fun and be surprised when you win. Definitely sign up for the club card.

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