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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: No complaints

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: No complaints

    Interestingly, I think a lot of you nay-sayers out there don't get the premise of going to a casino. That 91% payout means your expected value is to lose 9% on EVERY bet you make in the slots. Make a hundred bets...and well you do the math. In other words, if you expect to win there AND play for 18 hours straight, you might as well call 1-800-gambler. The paying for alcohol, isn't out of line, and you can get your own free drinks if you don't mind pulling yourself from your machine and walking a few feet to the free fountain. The 53% take from the Commonwealth makes it a little more difficult to operate than in other places, and it translates to a little less staff for your free drinks, and a little increase in poker room vig at 10% up to $6 (the same as the Vegas Strip), but Hollywood offers a pretty decent atmosphere for a casino. It's generally clean and organized pretty well. The food is adequate for what you pay for it, and the race track adds a little extra that you just can't get in any Vegas or AC casino; a breath of fresh air while you're throwing your money away on a horse. The comp programs are a little less than average, but since they don't have a hotel, what can they give you? If I'm doing an overnight, I'll probably drive the extra 2 1/2 hours to AC, but for a decent day trip gambling fix, Hollywood at Penn National does just fine, as well as all of the other PA casinos.

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