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    Been going to Parx since it opened. It is about a half hour from my house. When I go, I take what I can afford to lose. Was a member of the players club and still only get $5 back and no food comp! So, after about 8 weeks of dropping $200-400 per week and I was still only getting $5, I finally asked to speak to someone. I asked how they determine the rewards. He couldn't answer. At least in AC they will tell you for every so many dollars you gamble it equals a point. It is fair and you can figure it out. All I could get them to tell me was that it was like baseball, the more often you are up at bat the lower your average is. WHAT? So finally after arguing, he said the reward payback is determined by the machines you play, length of time on machine, etc. Too subjective for me! I made him look up my play and he did give me $50 that night to play. I have been so disgusted by their reward system that I rarely, if ever, use my card. I read the other comments, yeah it is smoky. I have no idea why the new casino doesn't have a better HVAC system. Some people are rude, but that is the nature of people, not the casino. It is my choice to go there, all that I ask is that I understand how they are grading my play and how I earn comps. Unfortunately, I have won more money (not big jackpots) when not using my card, so that is another reason not to use it.Parx is getting rich, I would just like to see more than $5 once a week for my play. And valet at less than $15! Good luck players!

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