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Mount Airy Resort & Casino: terrible, absolutely terrible

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  • Mount Airy Resort & Casino: terrible, absolutely terrible

    Okay, so i arrive at this beautiful place with my family and that's pretty much it; looks. The casino is a joke, the restaurants aren't that great and the worst part of it all was the "customer service." I"m usually a nice person and it takes a lot to get me aggravated but the customer service was just bad. My sons were under 21 and when you are under 21, they give you a wrist band which basically says that you are under 21 and aren't allowed in the casino. So when we went down for dinner with my family all the kids had to get a wristband which was such a hassle and you had to be escorted to the restaurant. I thought it was nice until the "bad" customer service kicked in. The workers were all very rude and just not friendly at all.(Well most of them, or at least all the workers that had to escort my family when I stayed there) And when you are done with dinner you must be escorted out back into your rooms and eventually i felt like I was in prison more than I was on vacation. Also, if you are under 21 there's no pool, arcade room, or anything for the kids so don't bother bringing them because they'll stay in the room. Overall, it was just an awful experience and I'm never coming back here again. I guess next time I try something new, I should check the reviews before going.

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