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Vegas in May 2011, Staying at Imperial Palace

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  • Vegas in May 2011, Staying at Imperial Palace

    I'm making a voyage to Las Vegas May 10-14, mainly for the business purpose of gathering information of the craps offerings at various casinos (odds, minimums, props, etc) for my website, and to meet with a few casino marketing execs about scheduling book signings in the future. I decided to do this trip "on the cheap" since I'm doing it for business, and got comped all four nights at the Imperial Palace.

    It's center strip, and I don't plan on spending much time in the room, however I've seen mixed reviews online and want some real feedback from real people.

    Anyone have any insight on this place? One of the problems I do find with online reviews is that they are a great way to gather a large sum of people with a wide variety of expectations, and therefore a wide variety of results from love to hate of the same place.

    I'm a pretty simple, laid back person who is going out for business and plans to spend 90% of my time NOT in the room. I need clean sheets and clean, hot water. Everything else I'll get somewhere else.

    Your opinions, thoughts and experiences, appreciated