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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Won, Lost, but had a Great Time

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Won, Lost, but had a Great Time

    After months of Losing all expendable income at C-Town Casino in West Virginia. I asked my Mom to go to Grantville. Both roughly the same distance from Chambersburg..... She was hesitant, but said what the hay....We went..................We WON! I played all day and won! What a difference between these two "Hollywood" Casinos. No I didn't leave the Casino with any cash, but that is my fault, and my choice. The Casino is for Entertainment, Right? I was entertained, the staff (even security) was very friendly, the cocktail girls are HOT, friendly, and are always around! The atmosphere is much more pleasant. C-Town will be a very rare occasion for me. If I ever go back, I refuse to take more than $50, and the ATM / Debit will stay at home. Take my advice folks. If your travel distance is roughly the same between C-Town and Grantville. Choose GRANTVILLE. In closing I have to add this; my Mom went back to C-Town 3/7/11 in her 'quest' for that one last (non-existent) Jackpot! from C-Town. Once Again She Lost Her Ass. Thank-you to the friendly staff, and to those in charge who've decided to keep the slots a little looser at this Casino. You have it correct if you are thinking Looser slots will bring them in. Actually looking forward to my next visit.

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