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Turning Stone Casino Resort: Pretty bad.

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  • Turning Stone Casino Resort: Pretty bad.

    I have NEVER left there up more then $20 dollars ahead of when i walked in.The payouts are awful.I understand they are in it to make money but the payouts are just way too few and far between. I only play the slots from the penny machines and up and have never noticed the higher costing machines to pay out more frequently. Only reason I go is because I enjoy playing the slots and the food is ok. The atmosphere is really good, nice and relaxed. I have been going less and less just sick of never winning. I don't like the fact that you have to use a card that is in your name to play almost so they can track how much money you spend and if you are a big spender they will throw you a bone every now and then. I wouldn't recommend turning stone to anyone. Just my opinion.

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