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Mount Airy Resort & Casino: STAY HOME or choose another casino...

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  • Mount Airy Resort & Casino: STAY HOME or choose another casino...

    My husband and I have been coming to Mt. Airy since they've opened. In the beginning, we always pretty much broke out even or won a lilttle something, never anything significant. In the last two months we've been there about 10 times and every single time LOST! I know its normal to lose sometimes, but not hitting at least one number or 3 bars is unreal! Our favorite is the video roulette and video poker. Because of the lousy payouts anyone that goes here, beware.. you will only be making a deposit into THEIR accounts with nothing to gain for yourself except an empty pocket. These machines are tighter then a nuns a**!!!! We will not be going back for a long time. We live only 15 minutes away so it's convenienent, but from now on, we'll be hitting up the Sands. The payouts and the comps are so much greater. As far as table games go, don't play. Customer service is at best a minimum. The security guards are constantly walking around in circles making the players instead of safe, feel like prisoners. Mount Airy's comps are really for the birds. Unless you're a high roller, expect to earn a lousy 0.07 per hour of play time. Ridiculous! The atmosphere used to be okay but now it's entirely way too smoky. Once it took me 3 times to wash the clothes I wore to the casino just to get rid of the smell and I use Tide. There is a non-smoking floor upstairs, but unfortunately they don't have the games my husband and I play. Never stayed at the hotel, had no reason to, but heard the rooms are very nice but there are no amenities. The restaurants are okay. we've had better and we've had worse. The girls that offer drinks are hit and miss. Some days you may get a good waitress other days you won't even see one.. If you're looking to throw your hard earned money away, then Mt. Airy Casino is the place for you. But if you're looking to have a great time and win at least a little something, hit up a different casino.. no matter how far the drive!

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