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Circus Circus Hotel & Casino: Nice room but noisy

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  • Circus Circus Hotel & Casino: Nice room but noisy

    I wrote a review for Tripadvisor but here I am posting what I said before so more people could read it ... I'm gonna add a few more things I forgot to say... we chose again the CC hotel because the rooms at the West Tower were renovated, flat screen tv, the best kind of bed to have a good rest and of course the price!!!If you're not a gambler you can just walk around the hotel visiting the Adventuredome or the circus area where you can win a lot of toys one think I like is that there's a McDonalds inside the hotel so it's easy to grab a coffee and an apple pie for breakfast hehe, there's a new huge souvenir store just outside the hotel and a CVS store just a block away from the hotel. When we booked there was a promo 40% off and 2 free buffets, so as soon as we arrived we went to the buffet for dinner, the buffet may not have as many dishes as other buffets but the quality was good.Now the review I wrote for Tripadvisor... This was our 3rd time at the CC (5 nights may-june) first time we stayed at the Skyrise tower and didn't like the location but the room was Ok, 2nd we stayed at the West tower was so nice so we decided to back to that kind of room for our 3rd visit... last time was in September and our room was almost in front of the elevators and they had a kind of noisy problem (it sounded like a pneumatic hammer) so we couldn't sleep and asked for a new room, we got a GREAT room because was almost at the end of the hall so no noise for us This time we asked for a non-smoking, strip view (if possible), no door-connecting room and what we got? Smoking room, mountain view, door-connecting!!! anyway the mountain view was much better than the strip view so we were ok with that... the problem this time was the connecting room we could hear the noisy guests next to our room playing something like xbox or wii, one night at 2:30 am we had to call security because our "neighbors" arrived so drunk that they were yelling, talking so loud and making so much noise that it was really annoying and all because of the terrible connecting doors... I really hate them!!! they should be noiseproof doors or have a kind of noiseproof board between each door...almost the last day I noticed some failure with the water (the flow pressure wasn't constant...) and surpriseeee!!! next day we received a letter saying that they will shut off the water in the building from 1 am to 5 am because of maintenance so we could ask for another room... we decided to stay at the same room (at 1 am we are sleeping) so no problem.The only thing that makes me think twice about staying at the CC again is the problem with the connecting doors, if someone could tell me for sure that I won't get a connecting room I'll gladly stay at the CC again!!! btw some night I had to ask something at the front desk... I talked to "Richard" he was at the check-out, was so nice that I guess we talked for more than 20 mins

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