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    Dear American Casino Guide:

    We just wanted to thank your website and your members for all the support at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas over the last year.

    To recap, we wrote in about the Suncoast's slot director removing 100 play, 10 play and other low denomination video poker machines...none you could get rich on, but entertaining as hell.

    We received a call from our host and he informed us that their slot director was gone and he actually saw 10 plays and 100 plays being reinstalled. When we got there, the 100 play now starts at a penny.

    It is obvious that the Indian casinos across America are putting a crunch on Las Vegas. We understand their occupancy is down 20%. Hurray for the little guy and hats off to the American Casino Guide...all we ask is to entertain us and we will return.
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