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Caesars Windsor: Clean Safe and Fun!

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  • Caesars Windsor: Clean Safe and Fun!

    Nice place to visit if you like Vegas. Non-smoking and very clean. Hotel is clean with very nice spacious rooms. Breakfast time is very busy and slow service. The buffet has improved over the past few years.

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    Re: Caesars Windsor: Clean Safe and Fun!

    Seems their machines are TIGHT. Video Poker is not offered in the 98% range.
    The worst part is if you live in Detroit or suburbs, you drive 20 miles one way to get stuck in a line of cars at CUSTOMS. If you're meeting someone, you could be late due to the Customs folks. The Bridge & Tunnel fees to get from the usa to Canada must be uo to $4 US/$5 Canadian. Consider that in your budget to visit. Avoid 5 pm to 6pm arrivals in order to beet the "workers coming home crowd".
    Before Harrahs got to run it, it was doing just fine.

    It is clean, the food and service have improved somehat.
    There is a SMOKING room for those craving a cig.

    As you mentioned, all in all, Windsor will do just fine to accommodate your gambling.

    Some of the buffet food is quite edible.

    As far a the BIG SHOOTERS, they're probaly reimbursed for bridge tolls !!!!
    Check with your host about that.
    Windsor's Riverfront has stuff going on this week in honor of july 4th & it's Canadian cousin. I checked that out in 1976 when the Marshall Tucker band was in town.
    Good fun was had by all.