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Gun Lake Casino: Gun Lake has tightest slots I've ever seen

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  • Gun Lake Casino: Gun Lake has tightest slots I've ever seen

    I have visited Gun Lake twice now and both times I was extremely disappointed in how stingy EVERY machine in the place was. I play all over the country {literally} and am an admitted gambleaholic. I bet everything from the penny slots to the $100 machines when I go into a Casino just so I can get a fair idea of how the place plays and pays. There were no $100 machines at Gun Lake but there were several that you could spin $25 at a clip of two coins as well as one machine that you could spin 9 credits at $10 per credit= $90 per spin. I played those for awhile as well as every possible denomination down to pennies and they all were consistent in their lack of payout. I did hit one jackpot for $1200 on a $5 machine while betting 3 credits a spin = $15 that was gone again in less than an hour. At most Casinos you WILL lose your money in the slots but they will kick a little back now and then to keep it fun. NOT AT GUN LAKE THOUGH. I bet at every end of the spectrum and they just kept robbing me straight away with a VERY rare small kickback. Even if/when you got a bonus on a game it often paid back less than the amount you wagered for a single spin. I used to think Soaring Eagle was the tightest followed by FireKeepers but now there is a new King of stingy and it goes by the name of Gun Lake Casino. This place will honestly NOT last because of this and the reviews it is getting online. There is too much competition nearby for people to go where they lose all their money fast. I spoke with several people in the Casino as I do at all that I go to because I want to know if others are having the same experience I am or if it's just my bad luck. The people at this Casino ALL said they felt it was MUCH worse than FireKeepers and Soaring Eagle too and many said they would not be back. This review is not coming from a guy who is a sore luck loser who got broke at the place. I'm just an honest player that wants others to hear an honest review. My opinion is if you can go elsewhere, I'd strongly recommend it because your money will NOT last as long at Gun Lake. If you're like me, you don't mind losing it but you'd like to have some fun along the way. You won't experience that at Gun Lake.

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