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Snoqualmie Casino : They have figured out how to hook you

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  • Snoqualmie Casino : They have figured out how to hook you

    You drive up and its in a beautiful setting. You walk in and you cant believe they have all that property and room and this is what they have come up with. A crowded casino with tiny restaurants with long lines. Narrow crowded isles. No separate non-smoking building, just a small little end of the casino for non smoking. The expensive gourmet type restaurant is better but has very limited hours and will set you back between $100 - $200 for 2 or all off your card points. HOWEVER this is the important part. The slot machines are very tight. You almost certainly will lose alot. They have a slick and smart (for them) marketing dept. They send you entries for promotions where you have a chance to win a bit of cash if you drop a bunch of money in the casino on a regular basis, then all the little lambs that have just driven 45 minutes to get there ,as its a drive for most "locals", go and drop what they just "won" plus a day or two wages or what have you, and then come back next week and do it again. DEPRESSING. I can only say don't get sucked in. I'm trying to stay away from this casino, wish me luck.

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