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Casino Aztar: Bad Blackjack and Smokey!!

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  • Casino Aztar: Bad Blackjack and Smokey!!

    Have been to the casino numerous times over the last several years. And am always amazed at this casino, and all casino's, continuing corporate greed in allowing the continuing deterioration of their tables games to the detriment of every one of their table game casino patrons. In specifically their blackjack game(s). This casino used to offer very fair double deck and 6 deck blackjack games, but those days have long since been part of history. Most all of us gamblers understand that the house needs to begin with an edge to operate with a profit in this kind of business. But with the current blackjack offerings at this casino I will use a football analogy to describe the overwhelming edge that the casino currently operates under with these games....Prior to 2008 if you played blackjack at this casino, it would be like playing a football game in which your team would begin down 3 points. Currently with the "newer" rules, your team would start that same game down 10 to 14 points! Come on now...please!! Shame, shame. shame. Also, has to be the smokiest casino I have ever been into in my life! Marlboro is making a killing both literally and physically at this casino. Years ago I was playing here and began a conversation with a chain smoking female who looked like her better days of health were long gone. Upon further conversation, she informed me that she had just completed her last round of chemotherapy, for treatment of lung cancer, the week prior. And here she was at a casino, on deaths doorstep, chain smoking her ass off along with other candidate for death!Advise? NEVER play blackjack in this casino. And be prepared to suffer breathing in at least the equivalent of a pack of smokes per hour.

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