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WinStar World Casino: Very poor customer service!!!!

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  • WinStar World Casino: Very poor customer service!!!!

    Me and my fiancée went there yesterday to play and have some fun. We started to play this machine and hit our first bonus ($1300). First we were waiting about 45 min before somebody helped us and even then it took about another 40 min to get our money. While they were bringing our money, we won another bonus ($2000). When customer service representative brought us first money, somehow my fiancée's paperwork did not match her other one, because one of the employees took her information incorrectly. So, we had to wait for Supervisor to assist us. Took her another 40 min to come, and we were told that we are not going to get our money, because paperwork is not matching, even though it was their fault because on the first receipt all the info is correct. Supervisor was extremely rude to both of us. After about 15 min of discussion she left us to bring somebody else. Waiting another 50 min, another supervisor showed up, and told us since the paperwork is incorrect we have to pay 32% taxes to casino, and we have to come another day to be able to get the money we won. We won second bonus $2,000 and they are willing to give us only $950. We still did not get our money. Two supervisors told us it only takes 24-48 hours for check to be ready, but when we call we were told it is 7-10 business days. Last 3 years we were coming to this place with our friends, family and coworkers and left much more money then we won, and we would never expect to be treated like that. Once we get our money, we are not going back there. It fills like when you lose money, it's ok, but when you win that when you have starting having problems. We won total of $3300 and Casino took $1060. Me and my fiancé are not going there anymore and we tell our friends and family about this bad experience.

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