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  • Chip-Ins Island Resort & Casino: Island Resort & Casino

    The Island Resort & Casino (The Chip-In Casino) is a quite large place. They have a large selection of slots, about 300 hotel rooms, at least 3 restaurants, along with entertainment and a large poker room.The slot selection is very good - you will find most any game you want to play. From my experience the slots are about average - not really tight but not really loose. I do well on some slot machines and I lose quite fast on it seems like instead of some places setting their slots within a certain range - the Island has some that pay 75% and some that may pay 95%. It is a long casino - the slots seem to go on and on as you are walking but the building is fairly narrow. Although with about 2,000 slot machines give or take the selection is great. They have a fair amount of video poker machines but by % they have more slots and less poker than the average casino. Overall great selection - some machines have good paybacks - some do not - 4 out of 5 stars.Table games on the other hand offers a nice selection as well but the games like Little River Casino and others use automatic shuffle machines which seem to alter the games. I have only had a couple winning sessions on BJ so I really don't play it much anymore there. The dealers are friendly - not overly friendly but they are fine. Just the automatic shuffle machines and you just don't seem to be able to win well on their tables. Their poker room saves them a bit - having one of the largest poker rooms in the UP of Michigan but sadly the last 2 times I was there it was closed up by 11pm or so. But they offer poker tournament games most nights of the week - and it is a nice place to play. Overall 3 out of 5 stars for table games as a whole.Customer Service/Players Club is pretty good - the staff is quite knowledgeable and friendly. The comp system is fairly good - but their direct mailing system is very low compared to other area casinos. Overall though a fair amount of promotions, friendly staff - 4 out of 5 stars.The overall Atmosphere is just average - it seems almost like a long airport runway with the slots going on for what seems like a miles but no real "special effects" to be had or anything - kind of plain overall. If you like Vanilla flavor the slot area has it. The table games are mostly quiet since most people seem to be losing. Only about 3 out of 5 stars.The Hotel on the other hand is quite nice - reasonable rates - especially during the winter months. The rooms are clean and modern (especially the new tower built a couple years ago). They offer most everything you would expect from a nice 2.5-3.0 star type hotel.....and again friendly associates that are knowledgeable about their hotel and casino. 4 out of 5 stars overall.Food & Drink was again fair. Their "bargain" restaurant offers the basic hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, etc - and good portions for a reasonable price. The food is average. Their "sit down" restaurant is a bit pricey for what you receive - again fairly average food. It is not a dive but I wouldn't brag about how great it is either. 3 out of 5 stars for average restaurants.Overall a decent place to play - wide selection - some good slots - good place not to play table games - but a good hotel that makes it easy to stay overnight and have a safe enjoyable time.

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