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Turning Stone Casino Resort: Not what it used to be

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  • Turning Stone Casino Resort: Not what it used to be

    My husband and I have been going there since it opened. We used to have a lot of fun there, and we go 1-3 times a week and we have to drive an hour to get there. Now the place is absolutely terrible! If they turned the machines down any more they would be shut off. My favorite game use to be the nickle superball game now it is so boring you have all you can do not to fall asleep. Actually my husband has fallen asleep. And the free Plays , all that is , is their way of getting you there and putting money on your card. We get a coupon for a free room, we used to stay but we don' stay anymore. By the time we get done on the slots we pay for that room, plus some. As you are playing there is a lot of complaining going on around you. Very, very seldom do we come out of there with what we started with and that is a win for us. If you have never been there save your money. It's not worth it. The hotel is very nice and the food is good too, our favorite place to eat is the Emerald room good food and lots of it. All in all it's just not what it used to be !!!!!!!!

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