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    I have played at Kiowa for going on 5 years. Over the last two years I went from winning to losing a lot. They don't let you win as much and when you put $2,000 in a machine and only get back $400 something is wrong with that. Last year I won a $2,500 jackpot two times. The only thing was, I spent $6,000 first time and $3,000 the last time. Don't get me wrong I know it is a chance but when you spend thousands on spangles each week and i'm talking I go there two or three time a week something is wrong. I started going to the casino down the street from them to just get some action. I don't mind losing if I get to play a long time, but when I lose and keep putting in money, this not a good thing. Not sure how much longer I will go there. I am beginning to enjoy the other place. If it were not for the staff I would have been gone long ago.

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