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Turning Stone Casino Resort: both Sides of Turning Stone

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  • Turning Stone Casino Resort: both Sides of Turning Stone

    If you are solely a slot or VP player then you probably want to skip this place. As many of the reviews suggest, it has low payouts on all machine gambling. All money to be wagered is put on the Player's card and then inserted in the machine. Especially unnerving are freeplay offers where the offered "freeplay" is then taken back when you cash in a profit. Suppose you take a Yankee Trails bus up and get $15 freeplay as part of the deal. You play slots conservatively and when you are ready to quit, you have $40 on your card. The freeplay of $15 is deducted when you cash back in. So those of us who take the bus there tend to play slots with very high volatility and either hit or don't. My poker buddy slink hit for $760 one day. Nice on free play. He did not mind giving back the $15.Blackjack pays 3:2. The games are multiple deck. I believe that craps allows just 3-4-5 X the odds. Sometimes the minimum is as low as $5.The poker room offers some pretty good games. There are periodic tournaments and always some no limit games. Most days there are 2-4 limit games. 3-6 is sometimes offered, but tends to fill up with the same locals. The 2-4 is a better choice.Alcohol is not available, but it is very expensive. Some of us still do what we did when the casino was dry. We bring in a flask, say rum, and mix it with a coke. Done discreetly under the table seems not to be an issue.There is a building bad beat. In order to qualify each player must have a current poker card. It costs $2 a day to play in this casino and the card must be visible at all times while playing. Dealers are fanatic about this. It must be able to be read by the eye in the sky. Rumor has it that some dealers lost their jobs over this issue.One interesting thing is this casino is open to 18 year olds and older. That is rare in casinos. They must be 21 to order alcohol, but they can play. Sometimes this makes for some real newbie poker games, especially on Saturday night.The rooms are nice and there is a little pool. Slot players will get regular comped rooms. Poker players can get a poker rate which can be as low as $55 at The Inn, a motel like place just down the road. A shuttle will pick up and deliver to that location. However, since probably you are not going to do much drinking there, you can get good deals in nearby motels. My choice is the Super 8 in Oneida on a RoomSaver coupon. However, since the prices go up on weekends and yet the live poker is better then, I put a mattress in my car and go camping at the Landing Campground about fifteen minutes away.www.landingcampgrounds.comHere for $25 a night I get an electrical hookup for my sleep apnea machine, a short walk to the bathroom and free wifi while I have my breakfast on the provided picnic table. The owner is very friendly and does not mind me quietly driving in at 2 AM after a night of poker. In the morning I can fish on two sides of the peninsula that is the campground (see photo on site)No limit competition can be very tough or very soft depending on the luck of table selection. There are some regulars there who are tricky, but generally the game is beatable.The worst part of the poker room is the rake which is taken right away so that I won't play short handed games of limit poker because up to 33% of the pot might be raked if the pot is low, but over a certain amount. I can't quite remember the exact details, but ask before you play and if it makes a difference, take a walk and come back when you can get on a full table. You can call ahead to get on the list, and generally there is not much of a wait. Sunday is the worst for limit poker. I don't bother until the afternoon.Dealers are friendly and for the most part the games are well monitored. Sometimes dealers seem distracted when it is Sunday afternoon and some sports event is on the tube, but that can distract players as well.The food at Turning Stone is very good. Sometimes the buffet is pricey, especially the Sunday prices. Playing live poker, a small comp is earned each hour, but you must check in and remember to have them swipe you out as well, or you won't get followed.I better like the 8 mile drive into Rome and the great meals and often live entertainment at the Savoy restaurant. This is a step back in time, a wonderfully rich wooden bar area, real linen tablecloths, and great food at a reasonable price.www.romesavoy.comWhile you eat, fine rat pack era music plays if there is no live entertainment. The entire place is decorated with signed photographs and newspaper articles, some very rare. This is my favorite restaurant anywhere. Not far from the restaurant, in the heart of Rome, is Fort Stanwick, worth a casino is worth a walk through. There are some decorative areas reflecting Native American art and interest. Entertainment comes on a regular basis. Some comedy, Some musical concerts and shows. Terry Fator is there in August and sold out.Bingo is offered 7 days a week, and is considered pretty good as bingo goes.

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