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Wendover, NV casino information?

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  • Wendover, NV casino information?

    Thinking about a trip to Wendover, NV. Are the casinos any good there? sure would like some info if you have been there. thks

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    Re: casino info

    Hi Judy, Wendover is indeed worth the trip. It's been awhile but I believe there are 6 casinos(including the Pilot gas station's casino) and not much else out there. There is a Peppermill and a their sister casino,the Rainbow, which are nice if you can stand the funky neon lighting inside. Stateline and Montelago are there also......and the locals casino,The Red Garter, is across from the Pilot.

    If you get tired of that town, I would recommend the Red Lion in Elko(one of my favorites), Nevada.....similar to the old San Remo casino in Vegas. Cactus Pete's in Jackpot is very good also........both destinations might be about 120 miles away from W.Wendover.
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