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Sam's Town, Las Vegas trip report

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  • Sam's Town, Las Vegas trip report

    We were there for 4 days on a house rooms and meals comp. They were also doing triple points till the end of the 3 day weekend. The interesting thing everybody we talked to was complaining that all the video poker and the slots... everything seemed really tighter than usual. Nobody could hit on anything anywhere. It was just really weird.

    We saw a royal hit on a $2.50 vp game, we hit a few 250-coin quads on some double bonus games, but no aces on super aces or double bonus, no deuces on deuces games.

    I know its supposed to all be totoally RNG driven in nevada, as opposed to the Indians, but it was just a really weird weekend on the machines.

    We diid stay there for the duration- triple points, and when you went outside you went from 72-74 quickly down to 28- 390 degrees- so stayed put, and enjoyed the heat!!
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