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Miccosukee Indian Gaming: I don't like Miccosukee

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  • Miccosukee Indian Gaming: I don't like Miccosukee

    Upon entering, you will get lung cancer. You will also notice no one in the entire casino speaks English. Same with Magic City, filled with rude, Spanish speakers. Slot payouts are TERRIBLE! They don't publicly provide their slot payout information for a reason! Slots have to be at a 40% or lower payout. I've played there for six years before seeing the light and going to either Calder, Hard Rock, or Gulfstream where I've won. I never left Miccosukee with more than my bankroll. It's always straight down like flushing money down the toilet. Their buffet sucks too, rude servers! If you don't speak Spanish, you will feel discriminated against. I am sorry if I was harsh, but go there and you will agree.

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