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Cities of Gold Casino Hotel: Worst payouts

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  • Cities of Gold Casino Hotel: Worst payouts

    Over the past few years I've noticed the more you play here, the more often you lose here. percentage of luck here is at a minimum. I've deliberately spent too much and to date i've noticed a lack of interest from management in e-mail responses, as i only receive, to date, a maximum of only $10 in free play money while less visits to the other casinos are currently giving me $30 to visit. For a period of time i was only receiving $3 when the entire free world was getting $5 as a minimum. WTF!!! I blame poor management and with great dissatisfaction, am now using this forum as a warning to you,the visitor. Both Buffalo Thunder and cities of gold are under the same poor management. Nice place to stay, the worst place to play. I find Camel Rock Casino and Big Rock casino to be the best places to go. Stay there, don't play there.I sincerely hope they have the opportunity to read this, I know i'm not alone in my opinion.

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