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The Rivers Casino: One word: Pathetic.

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  • The Rivers Casino: One word: Pathetic.

    I have been playing at the Rivers Casino since 2010. In that time, I have "earned" the "Triple Diamond" status, and contrary to some of the posts below, I can vouch that being a Triple Diamond has done nothing for me in terms of winning more - in fact, I have lost more money as a Triple Diamond member than when I started, AND the monthly free slot play has decreased significantly. People need to understand that the moth-eaten state of Pennsylvania takes 55% of every dollar lost, which as the majority of reviews here indicate, it does add up, it is very noticeable to the player and something needs to be done. Call your assemblyman/woman and demand that the state loosen the reins and make gaming fair and honest. At this point, it's legalized extortion, plain and simple. The casino can only pay out what its bringing in, less the 55% cut it has to divvy out to the scum of Harrisburg. This is why the slots are so tight, table games have such a high hold. Don't necessarily blame the casino, blame the absconders in Harrisburg, the Gaming Control Board, etc. Call your legislative branch and send a clear message that their free ride at the expense of the player needs to be leveled out to a fair playing field. Until the state gives up such a high hold, expect tight slots, etc. No casino can offer loose games with the regulations set by the state government. I will say this, the Casino Hosts are all amazing people. Audrey, Dave (Players Club), Anita, Kris, Michael, John... These guys rock, and have been A+++. For those wondering my "coin-in" (money I have put in the machine) since Jan 1, 2011 is $117,600, and my "coin-out" (money the machine has paid back out to me) is $100,900 - or a payout percentage of 86.6%. By industry standards, these are pathetic odds - and it's time people get together and tell the state lawmakers it's time they give back to the players who support the industry.

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