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  • New orleans (first time)

    We had won this new orleans trip thru bud light beer.
    Left on a friday, 9/16, stop in atlanta, on to n.o.
    The beer was flowing fri and sat, free, and the
    4000 guests/winners were all guzzling, specially the
    25 year olds. Free food both days from 2-4. Not bad actually.
    Pizza, sliders, dogs, nachos, sandwiches, chips, popcorn.
    Beer was served 9am to 6pm. Here i thought we were 1 of 40
    winners----try 2000 winners. "free bud light" ! Did i
    mention free bud light ?????????? 16 oz bottles, not 12 oz.
    Went down to bourbon street 1 night and 1 afternoon.
    They need street sweepers. Narrow street & sidewalks-
    dodging people every second.
    Took the trolley to bourbon up and back on the all day plan.
    Harrahs vp machines were very old. They were not
    paying off at all. I kept my losses to a minimum.
    We had points for food thru harrahs credit card,
    so we had the buffet one day & fuddruckers the next.
    Came back sunday night non-stop, 2.5 hours, but barely got
    a seat as they overbooked on delta. Left at 5, home by 10.
    That's about it. Oh, they gave us bud light swag:
    Keychains, t-shirts, backpack, etc. Brought it all home.
    Even the room keys and do not disturb signs were all
    bud light logoed. The keynote of the weekend trip was
    an ufc fight at the convention center (as seen on tv
    5 years ago). We had free tickets for that but skipped it
    and played at harrahs instead.
    We even had our first taste of beignets. Well, new orleans
    is off my bucket list.