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Charles Town Races & Slots: Tight Slot Play

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: Tight Slot Play

    My wife and I travel to many casinos throughout the year, most often to Charlestown, Atlantc City, Connecticut, and Niagara Falls. Once every three years we travel to either Las Vegas, California/Arizona, or the gulf coast (Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi). We live in Northern Virginia so we play at Charlestown Races & Slots frequently.

    I can say without any doubt that Charlestown has the tightest slot play of any casino we have ever played. Worst than even the cruise ships, day boats out of South Carolina and Florida, and the casinos in the various islands in the Caribbean.

    We still go to Charlestown because of convenience, but we take a modest bankroll and don't have enough success to hang around for more than a few hours. Too bad. The casino has a fine atmosphere and excellent parking and floor service. The restuarants aren't bad either.

    If you want to play all day, or perhaps stay overnight and play two days, forget it. Your money won't last long. Unless you live fairly close, I would recommend you find locations that have looser slots elsewhere (downtown Las Vegas or off the Vegas strip).

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