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Grand Lake Casino: Great Lil Place

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  • Grand Lake Casino: Great Lil Place

    Now I have to admit i do not come to this casino often, only because its a lot further than all the others, so i tend to stay close to home. However, I do come to this casino at least once or twice a month depending on my finances and to be honest with you, I enjoy this casino far more than the others in the area. The only issue i have is the fact that i immediately get looked at and yes I have to play the race card here, but yeah it's cause im Black... Old women stare or hobble off and the workers tend to give me a 2nd look when i come close. If i wasn't the type to immediately get mad, then i'd rate this place down to the toilet.In any case, I love it here because it has a GREAT abundance of casino games and even keeps a lot of the old favorites around, which i like because the casinos that are closer to me don't keep their older games. This place is clean and for the last 8 years i have been going to this place, it has rarely been dirty or unkept and the players club always offers more than the other casinos and they have been very giving... they make it exciting. I wish other Casinos were like this, but sadly they are not... even my favorite Wyandotte is nothing compared to this. If Grand Lake was 11 miles closer to Wyandotte, then it would be my favorite casino.Thanks guys.

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