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    After reading the other reviews I see that although I am not a BIG spender I see people who spend far more than I are having the same questions. Absolutely NO ONE at Four Winds is willing or able to explain their points system. My husband, who goes with me every time, rarely gets any of the promotions cause they keep telling him that his "average play" isn't high enough. We spend the same amount of money and actually I win more than he does, on average. Their return on my dollar is poor and it is ridiculous that when playing slots and you get into a BONUS - you can get absolutely -0- at the end of the BONUS.I have been attending since the first day they opened and one of the first things I said was that I hoped they did not start all of those "free giveaways". When they have the huge giveaways there are people who show up, sit on a machine and play 1 and 1 or worse yet, take up two machines, next to each other, and still play 1 and 1. My husband and I will not go on the huge giveaway days. Can't find any machines, that we like to play, available.We will continue to visit Four Winds but our visits have reduced in number per month and our per visit spending has also been cut down. Neither of us expect to get rich at a casino but we would like to have our money give us time to play and not just donate!

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